Frequently Askes questions about T4YF

What does T4YF stand for?

For Time 4 Your Future. Your future seems far away. But what you do now has an impact later. At T4YF we help you take charge of your future. Because you decide what your future will look like.

What does T4YF do?

We help you with your MDT. MDT is the abbreviation for Social Service Time. You volunteer for society while developing your talents.

Through Time 4 Your Future (T4YF) you can develop yourself, discover your talents and do something good for someone else. We offer three different pathways, namely volunteer work, action research and projects. You can do the course alone or with others.

Why an MDT project via T4YF?

T4YF is a unique project that gives you the opportunity to work on your talents, qualities and pitfalls, put them into practice and thereby further develop yourself. Together with the coach you choose, you determine what is central to your T4YF process. Do you really want to go out-of-the-box or do you want to keep it closer to yourself? We will work with you to create the best trajectory that suits your personal development.

Who can join T4YF?

Young people between the ages of 14 and 30 can register. You don’t need any experience and it doesn’t matter what school level you have. Do you want to orient yourself towards your future? Discover new talents and qualities within yourself? And are you motivated to develop your skills and put them into practice? Then T4YF is also there for you.

How much time does a T4YF project cost?

The assignment you will do will take approximately 80 hours in a maximum of 6 months. The intake and training courses at T4YF take approximately 20 hours. If you want to work more hours, that is of course no problem!

This can be done in addition to your school, studies or job. Or in a year between schools or work. Want to know whether participating is feasible for you? Contact us and ask all your questions.

Do you get paid for participating?

Your T4YF project is voluntary. You will not receive a salary for this. However, at the end of the project you will receive a compensation of €200 euros.

It also benefits you personally! At T4YF you follow a number of targeted workshops, with which you develop important qualities. And the process you follow with us may give you new insights and perhaps a new perspective for the future. This will benefit you throughout your future!

What does T4YF mean for my future?

At T4YF you have a unique opportunity to give direction to your future. You can discover in practice what you like and what you are good at. And you get the chance to really make an impact and make your voice heard.

For many young people, this gives a significant boost to their self-confidence and talent development. You might find out what your dream job is, or even be offered a job at the organisation you worked for during your T4YF period. And you get to know new people who can help you in the future.