What does your project look like?

Time 4 Your Future is all about personal development. Where and how you do this is entirely up to you. We help you by taking a good look at what you want and where you think you can best develop, but also where you can make an impact. You will work on this during our workshops and personal conversations. Do you need help coming up with a project or finding a suitable organization or perhaps finding a social theme to make an impact? We will help you with this! Curious about what a trajectory could look like?

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After your registration we will plan an intake. There you will meet your personal coach from T4YF. Together you will explore your talents, interests and ideas about your upcoming project. Do you have no idea yet what suits you? No problem! Your coach will help you discover this.


Before you start at your MDT workplace, you will follow three practice-oriented training courses that will allow you to work on your skills. Examples of this are: learning to plan, collaborate, present yourself. Skills that are not only useful now, but also in the future.


We will match you to an organization that suits you perfectly. For example in healthcare, media, technology, sports, nature or welfare. Or in another sector where you would like to work/volunteer. There are many options. We will look for a project that showcases your talents and that excites you.


It’s time. You start working at your organization. You work on your own project with the support of professionals on the work floor. You can easily keep track of your progress via the app. Got any questions? Your personal coach is ready to assist you.


Halfway through the process you will have a check-in with your T4YF coach. You can tell us how things are going, but also whether you are encountering anything. You will also have the opportunity to choose additional training courses that you want to follow.


You continue working on your project. Those extra training sessions come in handy now. You will work more and more independently, gain more self-confidence and discover how you can use your talents in practice. Want to bet that your project will be a success?



Afterwards, T4YF organizes a fair for young people, companies and other stakeholders. Here you can share your experiences. Others can learn from your project and who knows, you might be a source of inspiration for companies. Maybe it will even get you a job!


At the end, all participants come together and you will receive your official MDT certificate. This looks very good on your resume. You will also receive a compensation of €200 afterwards.

Congratulations, you did it!